Tuesday, 18 October 2011

June 2011


  1. Hi! I also have a cross bite and a crooked jaw. I have never seen anyone else with it, so when I found your blog I was very thrilled, I kind of thought I was the only one in the whole wide world with a crooked jaw and face.

    I will also have surgery to fix it, in December 2012. I have already had one surgery, but that was just to widen my upper jaw so that it would match the size of my lower jaw.

    Hope everything goes well for you! I'll follow your blog with excitement.

    Linnea from Sweden


  2. Sorry it's taken me ages to reply! I lost my password/email for a while, glad to know there's more people out there. Do you have a youtube at all? (:

  3. hope you can get your surgery soon , i am sure you are going to get great results , you don't look bad
    hugs and kisses from peru