Sunday, 20 January 2013

8.5 months post lower jaw surgery AND...


My braces came off a few days ago and I am as happy as larry! 

I'd just like to say thank you for following my blog and thank you for creating your own. Without a lot of youtube/blogger help I would have never gone through with having lower jaw surgery and I have questioned my motives equally but I am incredibly happy and much more confident! 

Also for those of you awaiting the surgery, it'll be ok and worth the chipmunk face and years of braces. 

Also for those awaiting to get their braces removed, braces in no way represent what your teeth are going to look like afterwards.

So with about 4 years of planning, 2 years of braces, 2 plates in my lower jaw, I bid you adieu. 

This is it from me but finally, it's done and time to move on with the next step of my life. 

My video's are set as unlisted but you can watch them via these links: 

  1. Pre braces:
  2. 4 days pre op: 
  3. 2 days post op:
  4. 3 days post op:
  5. 2 months post op: