Friday, 27 April 2012

Day 4 post op

Some more photos, these are really helping me tell whether the swelling is going down or not, so I'm going to carry on taking photos each day until I'm more or less normal. I've started to get some bad ass yellow bruises on my jaw line which are very sexy. My right side has gone down loads (your left in these photos) but i think 'cos I always end up sleeping on my left side, I'm still pretty swollen there and I keep having a bit of bleeding from that side. 

Managed to go for a walk this morning, but was knackered by the time I got back so went to bed again and watched 'Stardust' - you should all watch that film, I love it ^.^ Going up to see Tango again later, he is a really big comfort as are the doggies. I'll try and take a picture of them to post because they're just too cute not to!!! 

Anyway, hope everything is well your end (:


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