Thursday, 19 April 2012

Pretty much somes it up.

Say hello to my bite (and crappy webcam photos). 3 days pre op!

and yeah...

I'm so scared and excited and anxious. ahhhhh

And my cat will be keeping me company for the next couple of weeks.
And, the my dog, and my loan horse. 

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  1. Hi Alice,
    Try not to be too nervous, and keep your eye on the prize! I was so nervous a couple days before, but it helps to remember that you are in very good hands and you will recover just fine. It sucks at first to be swollen and taking medications and everything but you will get past all of that before you know it.

    Make sure you stock up on plenty of soups and smoothie ingredients. I just had the surgery 7 days ago so please dont hesitate to ask me any questions or concerns you have. I probably had the same ones that are going through your head right now.
    Best of luck!