Thursday, 26 April 2012

Haven't yet been able to make myself go for a walk. I want to, I really do but energy is a problemo. I get so tired so easily. My routine is now, waking up at stupid o'clock, having breakfast, chilling for a bit with my cat, having lunch and then falling asleep for a 2-4 hour nap in the afternoon. 

But I am so bored! My body needs to do stuff man. I went to see the horse yesterday which was lovely and i think I may go up this evening as well for a quick cuddle and a hello. He always does wonders when I'm not feeling 100% - which luckily isn't very often!

I knew this week would drag, but seriously?! I've got my 1 week post op appointment on Tuesday, Tuesday not Monday, dunno why. But yeah, I feel like after that the ball will start rolling again. 

Going to try and get myself up and out on Saturday or Sunday, go groom the horse and maybe practice my plaiting or give him a bath - i think maybe a bath may be a little too much, but plaiting defo. 

Going to get up properly now and get dressed in some comfy clothing so we can go for a drive via the lovely one and only horsey! (: 

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