Wednesday, 25 April 2012

so i'm feeling a little bit more alive today...

My experience so far: 

The best advice I found online was keep your sense of humour. Try to be a happy patient, even if you look a bit like bugs bunny, plus the doctors and nurses will find it amusing. I got told I was a right chatterbox. To be honest I think it was because I was slightly high on the amount of drugs they pumped into me. 

Something no one really mentioned was the fact you need to wee all the time after surgery, after having a drip put in you, you just want to wee!! And, warning the first time you try to get up, especially if you have the drains in your cheeks, damn, you feel like you're about to faint. Well I did, it was really horrible, I got really hot and sweaty really quickly and just wanted to cry a lot. But it get's easier after the hours go by. 

Everyone in the hospital was lovely, the doctors, the nurses, the ladies who gave me food. All in all everyone was very suprised with my swelling. Even my surgeon was impressed, he said I had the least swelling he'd ever seen. Oh, and he was lovely, as was my anesthetist, I had 2. They gave me some drug that literally made me feel drunk. Like the world was spinning. They were like "Right, Alice, we're giving you something to make you fall asleep now." I counted like up to 3 and then i woke up to lots of faces peering over me saying it all went well. I stayed in recovery for like an hour and a half, again, they were suprised at the fact I was talking. 

Oh and, this may be a suprise to a lot of you, but I managed to eat porridge the next day for breakfast, with a tea spoon, there was no way I would fit a table spoon in my mouth. Oh and for lunch I had pasta (I know, I was suprised myself!!) I had to cut it up really small and just sort of let it fall into my mouth but it was really yummy! And they gave me sticky toffee pudding with custard, which was lush, especially as I was expecting a full on liquid diet. I didn't quite finish it all but let's just say my mum didn't mind and scoffed it up for me. 

I'm home now, I'm going to post pictures soon, and pictures of my favourite things currently. I might pop up to see the horse today, depending on how I feel, or maybe tomorrow, and I really need to go for a walk or something, I'm not one for sitting in bed all day!! Except for the exception of yesterday but I was absolutely  knackered! 

Anyway my lovelies, I'm going to ice pack my face and watch 'New Girl'. 

Love Alice xxx

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  1. Hi Alice, Glad your surgery went well for you and you are at home recovering. That is great news that you're swelling isn't that bad and that you are able to eat a bit of food, you should be back on your pretty horse in no time! Get rested and I'm sure a spot of "New Girl" will do you good, I love that show, its so funny!
    Best wishes! Natasha